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Back after a 3-months Blogging Pause

It's been a very intense period, the one the world has lived from February - June 2020. We have all been affected by the pandemic, and this unprecedented situation has changed all our lives.

Over the past three months, I had to personally tune-up most of my daily routine, working habits and schedule to fit the time at home with the kids, helping my company stay afloat and make it through. Although things aren't over yet, the situation is somehow more in control than before.

I just wanted to make this short post to share the update that writing will be back again on my daily schedule, and new content will begin to be published yet soon.

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Don't Go Alone

About seven every ten new businesses fail during the first year of operations, and only 9 in 100 make it to five years.


Launching and growing a business isn't rocket science, but neither a matter of luck. It takes dedication, rhythm, and guidance.

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