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Historical TICKER Return Comparison with Google Sheets

Following my bulk of posts about how to use Google Sheets to track finances, there is a new one I want to share today: a spreadsheet to track TICKER returns since a specific date.

It can be useful for both tunning up your portfolio, rebalancing or simply know pretty fast how your returns have performed over time. See it as a fast "Yahoo Finance" analysis you do to rapidly get the returns as of TODAY since a specific date for a big set of tickers.

As I recommend with all the Google Sheets I share here, make your own copy and customize it on your end.

Historical Return Formula (between two dates)

Historical returns formula is pretty simple:


When it comes to % return, you can calculate it using the GoogleFinance() function from today's price and a past date price using the following code:

// Sample return since 2020/02/02 for ticker in "D4"

% Return = ( GoogleFinance(D4,"price") - index(GOOGLEFINANCE(D4,"price","2020/02/02"),2,2) ) / index(GOOGLEFINANCE(D4,"price","2020/02/02"),2,2)

Google Sheet for comparing Historical TICKER Returns. Make your own copy

Customizing the Table

To begin, feel free to customize the table by replacing all my "Canadian-biased" ETF lists. It will allow you to add your own stocks, ETF and bonds that the GoogleFinance function can load. To summarize, once you clone the sheet in your own Google Drive:

  1. Replace all tickers with your own.

  2. Modify the Transaction Date at your convenience.

  3. That's it!

Modify the TICKERS and the transaction date to get the returns up to today's value.

Do you Need Help Setting this Up?

If you need help setting up the Google Sheet, you can book a call with me. I've helped lots of investors track their expenses by setting up their sheets, which result in a great time-saving opportunity and portfolio tracking dashboard across multiple accounts.

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